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Art Shanty Project Minneapolis, MN
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Minneapolis: Art on a Lake

What do people in Minneapolis do on winter days when the temperature often doesn’t climb much past zero? They bundle up and look for fun reasons to get outside and walk, skate, or ski on the city’s frozen lakes. For 4 weekends in January- February, that might include wandering out …

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis/St Paul Airport

When it comes to long layovers at an airport, you may not mind if you find yourself “stuck” at one at the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport (MSP). Scattered throughout the terminals are, of course, a plethora of national chain restaurants for every taste, as well as newstands, and coffee shops. However, …

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis: Downtown Walks

If you’re like me, walking is the way you love to explore and experience the ebb and flow of a city. To get a feel for how it works and plays, and catch glimpses of history and ideas for further exploration. Here are three walks you can take in the …