When it comes to long layovers at an airport, you may not mind if you find yourself “stuck” at one at the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport (MSP).

Scattered throughout the terminals are, of course, a plethora of national chain restaurants for every taste, as well as newstands, and coffee shops. However, there are also many full-service, local restaurants such as Ike’s Clubhouse, LoLo American Kitchen, Smack Shack, and Republic, which can be welcome respites for airport-fast-food-weary travelers.

Then there’s the shopping – Besides the usual souvenier shops, MSP has high-end, specialty retail outlets, such as Hammer Made, Kiehl’s, and Tumi. There is also Prince, a retail shop that pays homage to our local legend.

To keep travelers feeling healthy, MSP has teamed up with the American Heart Association’s nationally recognized Start! Walking program. So while waiting for a flight, instead of just sitting at the gate, scrolling through their phones, travelers can walk the official 1.4-mile walking path or add a few more concourses for a longer workout.

Go to to find out more about restaurants, shops and how to get information and maps for the walking path.


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