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Saigon Vietnam

Vietnam: Happy New Year – Again!

While we had a fantastic New Year celebration here in Saigon on December 31, The Lunar New Year is coming up in February, and the excitement around Ho Chi Minh City is palpable. The Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday in Vietnam (and in many Asian countries). We’ve been …

Com Tam (broken rice) Ca phe
Ho Chi Minh City Saigon Vietnam

Vietnam: Broken Rice?

There’s a popular Vietnamese dish that, at its base, is a food that was once considered “not good enough to sell.” It’s called Cơm Tấm, which translates as “broken rice”. Broken rice are fragments of rice grains that have broken off during handling. In earlier times, it was considered inferior …

Dinner Cruise Boat floating down Saigon River at night
Saigon Vietnam

Vietnam: Sweet Home Saigon

We’re three weeks into our Vietnam adventure, and we have (with the help of our fantastic real estate agent Leo) found a beautiful apartment and signed a one-year lease. With that, we begin our dream of living in Vietnam for at least 12 months.From the wall of windows of our …

Saigon Vietnam

Vietnam: Grab a Ride

When Mark and I arrived in Saigon we quickly embraced the transportation norm of riding on the back of a motorbike to get around town. Using Grab (Vietnam’s version of Uber), the app gives us the option of either a motorbike or car. There are 2 reasons that we almost always opt …

Saigon Bright Lights Nightime Skyline
Saigon Vietnam

Vietnam: Adventure Begins

My husband (Mark) and I love to travel and were excited to think about how we could do more once we retired. While on walk one evening, we started talking about not just traveling to, but actually living in a different country for about a year at a time for …