New Orleans is well known for it’s fantastic food. Traditional dishes such as jambalya, red beans and rice, muffalettas, and gumbo are something that I look forward to every time I’m in NO for work and I promise that in upcoming blogs I’ll get to some of my favorite spots for those – However, this blog is an “Ode to the Beignet” Delicious fried, sweet, hot, and crispy these little doughy bites are a favorite treat of mine when I visit the Crescent City.
Most people head to Cafe Du Monde for their version of the beignet and cafe au lait – but I find the cafe a bit too touristy (although still good) and prefer the Cafe Beignet not too far from there where you wait while they fry up your beignets fresh and deliver them to you hot and greasy in a bag filled with powdered sugar. They come in an order of three and the last time I was there I promised myself that I was going to be good and only eat one….  (Yeah right!)Oh well, it was a good thought.

Locations: There are two Cafe Beignets in New Orleans
311 Bourbon Street and 334-B Royal Street
Menu: Breakfast Served-All-Day as well as traditional cajun and fried fish
My Faves: The hot, crispy, fresh, powdered sugar coated beignets


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