I just discovered a new restaurant that I love in Boston. I was introduced to Cafe Jaffa by a colleague who lives just outside the city, but loves to head in with her husband on days off and explore. So their explorations turned into my find!

Cafe Jaffa is in the Back Bay area of downtown(easy to get to on the Metro if you’re not staying in that area.) Back Bay is full of little shops and restaurants and also houses the Prudential Building and shopping mall, so it’s a terrific area to just kick around in before you head to Cafe Jaffa for a meal of traditional Middle Eastern fare such as gyros, houmus, baba ghanoush, kabobs and falafel. But it’s the ambience of this small restaurant that I loved most of all. Exposed brick walls, open kitchen and a long row of tables give the place a warm, cozy atmosphere that was particularly welcome on the chilly, rainy day that my colleague and I made it over for a late lunch waiting to head to the airport for a flight after finishing some work earlier than expected. It just made the yummy food all that much better – I’ll definitely be back!

Menu: Traditional Middle Eastern (and some American) fare
My Faves: Falafel (crispy outside, tender inside), chicken schwarma salad w/pita bread

48 Gloucester Street (between Newbury and Boylston)
Boston, MA 02115


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