One of the things that I love most about New York City is the palpable energy of the “city that never sleeps”.  However, when I need a moment to catch my breath, Central Park provides a peaceful haven away from the frantic bustle.

While the park is huge (840 acres), you’ll find that, no matter where you enter, there is always something wonderful to discover.

  • Enter mid-park at 56th to find the carousel which has been a park attraction since 1861.
  • Also mid-park at 79th Street – you’ll find the Belvidere Castle with two balconies that can be accessed to offer a birds eye view of the Great Lawn, Turtle Pond and Delacorte Theater
  • The Imagine mosaic, honoring John Lennon, is located in Strawberry Fields near 72nd on the West side
  • On the Upper East side, at 5th Avenue and 105th Street, The Conservatory Gardens, are just steps inside the park.

I often don’t have an attraction in mind when I enter Central Park – preferring to just meander through and see what I find.  And then, just when I feel like I’m a million miles away from anything, I look up and see that the city is there, with all the hustle and bustle that I truly love – just waiting for me to come back.


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