Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is huge and most people consider it just a hub to run through to get to their next destination. However, if you want to (or if you’re stranded and looking for something to do), you can actually walk the entire length of the concourse underground (where you typically catch the trains)- which I regularly do.

I’ve found three delightful things in doing this: 1) It’s very quiet and can be relatively quick as there are moving sidewalks and very few people (quite a departure from the chaos going on just above your head in the main concourses) 2) Whether you use the moving sidewalks or not (as I generally don’t), you can actually get a little walking workout. Which is nice if you’re getting ready to board a plane and sit for several more hours. 3) There are several interesting and beautiful art and history installations between many of the concourses.

Even if you don’t take the entire pedestrian walkway, consider walking between a couple of the concourses to see some of these exhibits. Here are two examples: 1) Between the terminal and concourse A is a permanent collection of twenty contemporary stone sculptures from Zimbabwe. This collection debuted in 2001 and is one of the largest publicly owned and exhibited collections of its kind. 2) Between concourses B and C you can take a “Walk Through Atlanta History” Approaching the exhibit from Concourse B, your journey starts with a section devoted to the Native Peoples who lived in Atlanta for thousands of years, progresses through six key time periods, and ends with Atlanta’s “entry onto the global stage.”

So, if you’re ever stranded – or are not literally “running” to catch a flight – take a look at the website (offered free) ,type “art” or “Atlanta history” into the search box and go on a treasure hunt to find the permanent and rotating art exhibit that this airport has to offer.