Las Vegas Restaurants

Sometimes when I’m working at an event that takes place at one of the casino/event centers in Las Vegas, I almost feel like a prisoner. The event and conference space is connected to the hotel and colleagues and clients often just want to meet at restaurants or bars located on the property and there’s even shopping and entertainment to be had without ever having to step out the door. Trying to just get outside for the few minutes that I might find myself with is nearly impossible – I know I, (and probably you), don’t have time to wait in the cab line to try to get out somewhere and feel the sun on my face and it makes me crazy!

Finally, last time I was staying and working at Mandalay Bay, I found that if I made my way to the lower floor (pool level) I could get outside and there was a walkway that lead down a lovely path lined with palm trees all the way to the conference center. Prior to finding this piece of heaven, I would make the almost 1/2 mile hike inside the dark casino halls, over an indoor “bridge” which was lined (cruelly) with large windows that allowed me to see, but not experience,the beautiful, sunny skies. Finding the path that let me do that same walk outdoors felt like a great little secret way to start and end my long days otherwise spent in the sunless caverns of the event center and evenings at restaurants located in the hotel.

So, next time your event/meeting takes place inside the windowless depths of a Vegas casino,and you don’t have a lot of time to try to get outside, take a look and see if you can find your own “secret passage” that lets you get outside, get in a little walk and breath a little fresh air.

If you’ve found your own great little secret walks (indoor or out) at any of the casinos, please let me know!


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